Draw a Tree

Draw a tree with Ms. Marceline

Draw a tree: Begin with a curved line to make the first side of your tree. Add the second line, making the tree widest at the bottom and skinny at the top. Add branches to the top using the same method of wide at the base and skinny at the ends. Connect the base with roots that are similar to your branches but closed at the ends. Finish your tree with leaves with a puffy line that encloses all of your branches.

ART NOW is all about getting art lessons out to our students NOW. Art Road is unwavering in its commitment to provide an exceptional art experience to disadvantaged children despite state-wide school closings due to COVID-19. This unexpected situation has created an opportunity for Art Road to quickly pivot and rethink its delivery of art instruction. To provide art to children while not in school, and to support our talented teaching artists and staff, Art Road created ART NOW.