Teacher, Edison Elementary

“As a Detroit school teacher, I am very impressed with and grateful for the Art Road program. In my class of 23 second-graders, many find that success comes with much difficulty in academic areas.

Through close observation in the art classes, it became obvious that some have developmental issues that reach beyond their academics. Many of these students were able to shine through their artistic self-expression.

To see children who have anger problems become art class helpers was worth more than words can express.

One little girl, grief-stricken heart broken after the loss of her mother and God-mother, was able to smile and paint happy faces in art class. Another student is staying with nine other family members and often falls asleep in class, but is able to create beautiful paintings in art class.

Thanks again for how you have touched the lives of students in my room and our school.”

Patricia Wilkins
Teacher, Edison Elementary School