Keeping kids engaged in art while at home. Art Road, a local nonprofit which brings art classes to underserved elementary schools has teamed up with Comcast to share creative video art lessons on demand. WWJ’s Jason Scott spoke with executive director Carol Hofgartner.

The partnership came about with Comcast because we were making art lesson videos for our students. But a lot of the students don’t have access to online learning so we thought how can we show Mrs Lindsey, the students teacher, and the other teachers video to our students if they don’t have access to online learning. That’s when we reached out to Comcast, they loved the idea for partnering with Comcast Xfinity On Demand so Art Road art lessons can not only be reached by our students and accessed by our students but from students across Michigan.

Which is a huge outreach especially during what’s going on right now of course. 

Yes absolutely with schools closed, libraries closed playgrounds closed we started with getting art kits and art lessons to our students and we made an initiative called ART NOW. Art is one of our first languages. So that these students need the art now that we can’t wait to fall so this is one way by partnering with Comcast Xfinity On Demand is giving students lessons now.

What’s your feedback thus far how’s it going?

So the feedback is fantastic so a lot of the teachers are getting the word out when they actually communicate to their students with phone calls or Team which is kind of like Zoom. Then when the families come to pick up the art kits were also letting them know that our art lessons and videos are Xfinity Comcast On Demand. 

Which is accessible through every telephone, through every television sets inside of a living room and it seems like this may grow grow grow. 

Yeah that’s what we’re hoping is that we continue the art making lessons and it grows and expands the program.

That is Art Road’s executive director Carol Hofgartner speaking there with WWJ’s Jason Scott.