Covid-19 Art Capsule

Encapsulate hope, humanity and humility

We are looking for donations of artwork being created during this global event to be included in our three Covid-19 art capsules. Art Road’s goal is to fill the capsules with art and turn this into a traveling exhibition of hope and creativity. We want to showcase the beauty that can come from such an unprecedented event in human history. No art is too big or small, we want it all. Any mediums of art are welcome. We are looking to fill three “capsules” with 19 works of art each. The three capsules will be 8’ x 3’, 7’ x 2.5‘ and 6’ x 2.5’ with Plexiglas sides so that you can see the art in the capsules. Any extra artwork that we receive will be auctioned off and will benefit bringing art class to the 2020/2021 School year.

Deadline extended for art to June 15th, 2020

Please contact Carol 313.407.9805 or