Draw Whales

Draw a humpback whale with Ms. Marceline

 You can start with an oval-like shape, that has a flat bottom and one side smaller than the other, the smaller side will be where we add the tail. Add the tail by drawing two lines curving upward attached to the end of your oval shape. Erase the between your tail and oval. Draw a half circle sitting on top of your tail lines. Draw a “V” from the flat line of your half circle and erase the top to finish your tail shape. Add eyes, mouth, and lines coming from the mouth to the end of the body, to give your humpback whale unique details.

A second way to draw your humpback whale: Start with a curved line, one part will point downward for the head, and the other will point upward for the tail. Draw a half circle connecting each end to finish the whale’s body. Add two small oval shapes at the end point upward to make you tail. Erase the line between tail and body to complete the tail. Finish your whale with eyes, mouth, and with lines from the mouth to the end of the body.

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