Fold-a-long Storybook

Fold-a-long Storybook with Mrs. Lyndsi

Supplies: paper (copy, recycled, or construction paper), scissors, drawing utensil (markers, crayons, or colored pencil) 

Instructions: Book

  1. Start with paper vertically (the tall way)
  2. Fold in half from bottom to top
  3. Fold in half from right to left
  4. Fold in half from bottom to top
  5. Unfold last two folds. You will see four rectangles. 
  6. Cut from bottom of the paper to the middle of the four rectangles
  7. Unfold completely
  8. Fold the paper in half the long way (how it falls)
  9. Push pages down on the table to flatten

Instruction: Story

  1. Your book has a cover and three pages. 
  2. On the first page draw and write the beginning of your story. Who is the character?
  3. On the second page draw and write the middle of your story. What is their problem?
  4. On the last page draw and write the end of your story. How did they solve their problem? 
  5. Draw on the cover. 
  6. Share with bored parents 

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