Paper Balloons

Paper balloons with Mrs. Lyndsi

Supplies: Scissors, paper (copy, construction or recycled), tape 


  1. Make the paper square by lining up the left edge with the top edge. Fold and cut off the extra.
  2. Unfold the paper and point fold line away form you. The paper should look like a diamond. 
  3. Fold the paper in half from bottom to top, unfold.
  4. Flip the paper over and turn the paper to look like a square. 
  5. Fold the paper in half from bottom to top, unfold. 
  6. Pop the middle of the paper toward you
  7. Puch the slides into the middle and press the paper into a triangle
  8. Fold bottom corners to meet the top corners. Do all four bottom corners.
  9. Fold right and left corners to the middle, do the same on the other side
  10. Tape both sides. 
  11. Find the hole on one end
  12. Blow air into the hole

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